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61 answers

Good market responsiveness in the Automotive sector (31 feedback) and from the Electronics industry (17). Very little interest in Medical field (13).

Executive Director, Engineering Technologies

Faurecia SA

Lead - Motor Control and Power Electronics Converters


Product Development Manager

Intel Corporation

Operations Manager

Toyota Boshoku Corp.

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Market Need

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41% of responses are favorable

  • 13No(21%)
  • 23Possibly(37%)
  • 18Yes(29%)
  • 7Critical(11%)
Absolutely no need for Medical applications contrary to what you assumed. But there is a real pain point in the Automotive sector.


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59% of responses are favorable

  • 4No(6%)
  • 21Partly(34%)
  • 27Yes(44%)
  • 9Fully(14%)
The market validates the interest of the sensor (including Electronics manufacturers who are very knowledgeable). Some doubts about the announced performances.


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The accuracy of the sensor, which was your main argument, is validated by the market, but professionals mainly highlight its resistance to aggressive conditions


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More details
The challenge is to guarantee a sufficient lifetime and reliability of the measured data. This is the main concern raised by the market.


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Stress monitoring
Torque measurement
Tire monitoring
Tire wear monitoring, torque measurement on rotating parts and mechanical stress monitoring on sensitive parts are the most suggested applications.


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84% of responses are favorable

  • 1No(1%)
  • 9Perhaps(14%)
  • 20Yes(32%)
  • 31Definitely(50%)
No doubt for the market you are proposing a totally innovative concept that outperforms existing technologies.


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Lower cost
Higher cost
Automotive manufacturers are ready to pay a 10% premium over current costs for the sensor. Other sectors won't pay more than existing solutions.

Expressions of interest

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Be a customer20 answers
Ford Motor Company
Fiat Automoveïs
Weichai Power Co.
Participate in development14 answers
NTE Electronics
Eurocomp Elektronik GmbH
Valeo Comfort and Driving Assistance
Be a distributor7 answers
Instru Electronic Colombia S.A.S.
Intel Corporation
Microchip Technology Inc.


Key learnings:

- The market confirms that your sensor is a true innovation that outperforms current technologies.

- It solves a real point of pain on some specific segments that are ready to pay.


Market focus:

- In terms of the market, the focus should be on the Automotive application because the limits of current sensors are a real point of pain.

- The medical market, which has no need, should be excluded.

- Electronics manufacturers will follow suit if their automotive customers confirm their interest.


Product focus:

- In terms of product, automotive professionals expect above all a sensor that is more resistant to aggressive operating conditions (high temperature and mechanical constraints). This was not your priority axis but you should strengthen the design of your sensor on this axis.

- The accuracy of the sensor that was your main argument is to be maintained but without any additional development effort, or even by slightly degrading performance if this makes it possible to achieve a unit cost of 5 to 6€ that the market is ready to pay.

- The reliability of the measured data is the main concern of your future customers. Quantified use cases could convince them definitively.

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Origin of responses

A word from UMI

3765 professionals were contacted by email > 1902 (51%) opened the email > 537 (28%) took note of the online presentation of your project > 61 decided to provide a feedback (11%) representing an overall response rate of 1.6% which is slightly above the average of our campaigns (1.2%).

Professionals profiles:

- 17 are Electronics industrials (potential development partners or distributors for your project)

- 31 are specialised in Automotive industry (potential users)

- 13 are from Medical sector, either practitioners or industrials 

Geographical scope: Europe (36%) / North America (23%) / Asia (21%) / South America (10%) / Oceania (5%) / Africa (5%)

Geographical Distribution:

  • Africa: 3
  • North America: 14
  • South America: 6
  • Asia: 13
  • Europe: 22
  • Oceania: 3