Adaptative Thermo Physio Comfort in Car Cabin

Comfort strategy combining new sensors & actuators to deliver a personalized and contextual thermal comfort in vehicle, with adapted ambiance & stimuli, for enhanced well-being and lower power demand.


  • Adaptative & contextual comfort
  • Personalized comfort
  • New user experience
  • Low energy consumption
  • Multi-sensorial stimuli


Automotive market is quickly moving, needing to reinvent the way to deliver thermal comfort in a vehicle: - e-mobility leads to minimize the energy consumption, with a focus on thermal comfort as main auxiliary consumer, - Autonomous driving and car sharing bring new usages and services, the vehicle becoming "a place to live", - Digitalization and connectivity are pushing new demands for adaptative & individualized services, - Societal demand for wellness and healthcare leads to pay a special attention to manage psycho-physiological state.


We have developed a new solution for a quicker and adaptative comfort and wellbeing in the car cabin, bringing both thermo-physio and psycho-physiological new sensations: - new sensors, such as cameras working in different wavelengths ranges, to detect the thermo-physiological state of passengers, such as metabolism activity and clothing level, - new actuators to adjust global and local thermal exchanges, combining convective and radiative effects and multi-sensorial stimuli, - new intelligence to take into account passengers profile and preferences, able to identify and anticipate contextual needs, with self learning capabilities and intuitive user interface.