Real-time IAQ monitoring in hospitals

An innovative service for the continuous monitoring of microbial air quality in hospitals, with preventative detection of any change, and the implementation of action plans to ensure patient safety.


  • Transparency and traceability through reporting
  • Implementation of an action plan as soon as a problem is identified
  • Minimizes critical, legal, financial, and image-related risks
  • Preventative maintenance to ensure the microbial iaq of the hospital remains stable


Hospital-acquired infections, also known as nosocomial infections, can originate from different sources, including the air (HVAC systems, etc.). Several types of action are recommended and used to reduce the likelihood of infections caused by ventilation systems, including maintenance, cleaning, filtration, etc. Controlling microbial air quality in different parts of a hospital is currently achieved through regular sampling and analysis, but not on a continuous or real-time basis, which thus introduces the risk that microbial contaminations may not be detected early enough.


We are developing a continuous / real-time microbial air quality monitoring system for hospitals, which will enable them to anticipate and immediately react to any changes in the IAQ. A package service based on this system could be offered, including: - An alert system for relevant managers and maintenance personnel, providing the location where the problem was detected - A transparent communication and reporting system for the client (the hospital) - Securing the “at risk” area - Proposal of action plans to be implemented in close collaboration with the client