Symmetrical door with 4-position opening system

Building construction
Transportation / Logistics
A door that can be opened to 180⁰ in 4 different positions: by pushing AND pulling, from the right AND the left


  • Smooth passage
  • Space-saving
  • Safe evacuation
  • Updateable configuration


Openings (doors, windows or other shutters or flaps) are present on most equipment: buildings, transport, technical areas, etc.

Traditional windows and doors can usually only be opened in one direction (by pushing OR pulling) and from one side (left OR right). This fixed design causes a number of difficulties:

- Mobility/ergonomics difficulties: only a single configuration allows travel through the opening

- Footprint constraints: no object can be present in the defined opening area

- Safety: if any obstacle is present in the defined opening area evacuations may be impeded

- Modularity: if the space is remodeled/redesigned the door or window will need to be replaced


We are working on a concept for an opening (especially doors) that can be opened to 180⁰ in 4 positions: by pushing AND pulling, from the left AND the right.

Our design allows the normal mobility, footprint, safety and modularity constraints to be swept aside.

- Mobility: smooth travel; an individual is not constrained by having to position themselves exclusively on one side or to move backwards when opening; nor to being blocked by a fixed or mobile element preventing opening (wall, furniture, or humans).

- Footprint: saves space thanks to the ability to have objects/equipment present in one of the zones which the opening may open into without prevent smooth passage. This flexibility is particularly useful in small spaces in aviation, aerospace, railway, and maritime contexts.

- Security: ensures evacuation is possible as the opening can be opened even in the event of an obstruction

- Modularity/updateability: the configuration of the space can be changed without modifying the openings